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Among ancient olive trees 7 Km far from Lecce

Nestled in one hundred and twenty acres of Mediterranean vegetation, Acaya Golf Resort is located at the centre of a cross-section of enchanting Salento, a few kilometres from the decorated stonework of Lecce, an expression of the artistic and architectural movement known as Lecce Baroque. The ancient art is echoed about ten minutes’ drive from the resort, located next to the WWF oasis called Le Cesine, a national Nature Reserve, and between the countryside of Vernole and Acaya, facing the belt of sea that encircles the peninsula, a harmonious competition of waves between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

Discovering Salento

Typical cuisine & food festivals

In summer, festivals are the food and wine events par excellence, especially for locals. Find out about all the festivals that will be held while you are on holiday in Salento. For breakfast, don’t miss an iced coffee with pastries at the Pasticceria Alvino in Lecce, to be enjoyed slowly, nobody is in a hurry here... The ideal lunch is a fresh and light frisella accompanied by Dreher beer at Ultima Spiaggia. For dinner, try the elegant dishes at the Bastioni in Gallipoli, or a simple spaghetti with sea urchins at the Scapricciatiello. At night time, head for the exclusive Gibò at Gagliano del Capo or the Malé at Santa Cesarea Terme.

Andriatic and Ionic coasts

Our extraordinary sea

On the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, there are countless rocky and sandy beaches not to miss in Salento. Some suggestions to get to know the place better, getting lost along the fascinating and endless stretches of coastline of this wonderful land. Porto Cesareo (with Punta Prosciutto, Torre Lapillo and Sant’Isidore), on the Ionian Sea, is famous for its blue sea, ancient towers and fresh fish restaurants. Gallipoli (with Baia Verde, Lido Conchiglie, Padula Bianca, Rivabella and Santa Caterina di Nardo), on the Ionian coast, is known for its charming old villages, Caribbean-like sea and sophistication. Otranto (with the Alimini, Torre dell’Orsa, Rocca Vecchia and San Foca), on the Adriatic, is famous for its ramparts, beaches with fine silvery sand, lakes and green pine forest. On the Adriatic and on the Ionian Sea, Santa Cesarea Terme is famous for its healing thermal waters and its sulphur caves, while Castro is known for its caves, including Zinzulusa cave, which is one of the largest karst phenomena of Salento. Santa Maria di Leuca, at the extreme edge of Puglia, is known as "Finibus Terrae”; the sea is crystal clear and the coastline dotted with numerous coves and caves, including the Cave of the Three Doors, the Devil’s Cave and the Cave of the Breath, which are accessible only by sea. Il Ciolo, a short walk from Santa Maria di Leuca, is famous for its 40-metre high bridge, from which some daring souls dive into the emerald green sea.

Lecce, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca

The pearls of Baroque

It is because of the famous "Lecce stone", the malleable rock with which the Salento area abounds, that the baroque style spread through Salento. The ultimate expression of this movement is the city of Lecce, the "Capital of Baroque". Churches, cathedrals, ancient buildings are real open-air monuments here. The Basilica of Santa Croce is perhaps the best example of this architectural style. Do not miss a visit to the town of Gallipoli, "the pearl of the Ionian Sea", with its Cathedral of St. Agatha and the extraordinary palaces of the town centre. Or Otranto, "the door to the East", with its Church of St. Mary of the Martyrs, a synthesis of early Christian, Byzantine and Romanesque styles, which contains the largest mosaic in Europe and the remains of the 800 martyrs of Otranto. Or Santa Maria di Leuca, "Finibus Terrae", with the beautiful Puglian Aqueduct steps linking the port to the shrine dedicated to Our Lady "de finibus terrae”. Among the huge number of places where you can see Baroque art and architecture, there is also Nardò, considered one of Puglia’s “art cities".

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