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Acaya Mira Hotels Salento Golf 010

The course

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18 holes surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty

Designed by the famous American studio Hurdzan/Fry, and awarded last year with the 5 stars BVGA in the international classification, the course at the Acaya Golf Resort & Spa winds its way through natural surroundings of rare beauty, immersed within the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub. The 18-hole, Par 71 course is 6,192 metres in length, and has been specifically designed to harmoniously bring together the natural elements of the terrain with the types of shots to be made, thus encouraging players to use all the fourteen irons and woods in their bags. 

Acaya Golf Hole  01
Hole 1

The perfect hole to warm up and begin appreciating all the magnificent features that the course has to offer.
Par five - dogleg left.

Acaya Golf Hole  02
Hole 2

A long green with a notable cross-wise dip reminiscent of the historic Biarritz Hole at the famous Yale University Golf Club.

Acaya Golf Placeholder 01
Hole 3

Par four, with a complex green full of little risks and nuances.

Acaya Golf Placeholder 01
Hole 4

Here, the position of the flag can make all the difference.
Par three - bunker - uphill green.

Acaya Golf Placeholder 01
Hole 5

Wide open spaces, for a captivating, but not impossible challenge.
dogleg left, with a green shaped like a potato chip.

Acaya Golf Placeholder 01
Holes 6 and 7

Wide open landing areas for the ball off the initial drive.

Acaya Golf Placeholder 01
Hole 8

This hole requires attention, precision, and the choice of the right club.
par three - bunkers on the right - water hazard on the left.

Acaya Golf Placeholder 01
Hole 9

Par five, to be completed in four.

Acaya Golf Hole  010
Hole 10

Cape Hole - par 4.

Acaya Golf Hole  011
Hole 11

Slightly uphill, this hole requires both power and precision.
bunkers - water hazards - scrub.

Acaya Golf Hole  012
Hole 12

Hole 12
Par 4 - to be played with shrewdness.

Acaya Golf Hole  013
Hole 13

Par 3 - precision and intelligence.

Acaya Golf Hole  014
Hole 14

Trees on the left - water hazard on the right - scrub directly ahead.

Acaya Golf Hole  015
Hole 15

A fantastic hole that can offer a wide range of experiences.

Acaya Golf Hole  016
Hole 16

Par five - double dogleg of over 500 metres - short cross-wise green.

Acaya Golf Hole  017
Hole 17

130 metres from the championship tee - 93 metres from the ladies’ tee - small green surrounded by bunkers.

Acaya Golf Hole  018
Hole 18

Water hazards to the left and right - four bunkers - difficult.

The Acaya Golf Club golf course

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Golf Resort & Spa
Acaya Golf Resort & Spa
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Acaya Golf Resort & Spa
Acaya Golf Resort & Spa
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