With our Local Coach

At the discovery of Salento

Together with the Local Coach, an evolved concierge intriduced in our resort, you can finally transform a simple stay into a real travel experience at the discovery of the most authentic soul of Salento. You can choose a refreshing horseback ride among 18th century farms, forests, olive groves and meadows with a break for a tasting of local products, until you reach the wonderful WWF Nature Reserve of Le Cesine. You can enjoy a workshop of sculpture of the typical Lecce stone with the famous master Buttazzo. Or opt for the kitchen, and discover the production processes of many local excellence. You can taste wines in the most famous cellars, go for excursions to the most beautiful nearby cities, such as Lecce, the pearl of the Salento baroque, Otranto, gateway to the east, so named as it is the eastern city of Italy, or Santa Maria di Leuca, where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea. If you are a sea lover, there are exciting fishing trips and fascinating sailing tours to the most beautiful coasts of Salento, authentic hidden treasures, with stops in the most picturesque coves to dive into the deep blue of our sea.

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Tour for Private Guests

We love our land and we want to enhance its riches and its natural, artistic, cultural and enogastronomic heritage. For this reason we invite you to go out to discover the wonders of Salento with the help of our local coach. If you think you already know all about Salento, we can surprise you with some really engaging tours. You will go to the discovery of old "tratturi", ancient farms, amazing "pagghiare" surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, crystal clear waters, wonderful caves that hide precious historical relics inside them, and other innumerable secret corners. Other experiences will make you discover and appreciate the immense historical, artistic and cultural richness of the nearby cities, first of all Lecce which, with its baroque buildings and the historical monuments of the center, is an authentic architectural gem.



Guided by our Local Coach

Tours for Groups & Companies

Among the proposals of our Local Coach, there are also fantastic experiences designed specifically for companies and groups. There are horseback rides for olive groves and farms, cooking class to learn how to cook traditional dishes, guided tours in the capitals of the Salento Baroque, such as Lecce and Otranto, and endless possibilities for sea tours at the discovery of coves and caves and the hidden beauties of this magnificent land. Check out our proposals below and remember that they are all customizable and adaptable to your needs.


Ideal Destination

Team Building

We have a great experience in team buildings. With the help of our local coach, we have developed a series of proposals that include extremely entertaining, formative and experiential activities, aimed at strengthening the group spirit in a pleasant way. There are activities to do both indoor and outdoor, taking advantage of the gorgeous and wide spaces of our resort, until outside, in the wonderful Salento area. We know how important it is to exchange and get in contact inside a work team and we want to facilitate the organization of unique, tailor-made and impactful team buildings that will remain etched in memory.

Live shows, dj-set and performances

Entertainment Proposals

At Acaya, we provide you with various entertainment proposals that include DJ sets, concerts, live shows and performances of all kinds. If you are organizing an event and you are looking for a solution to entertain your guests, you can contact us and, thanks to the help of our local coach, you can identify the best artists, musicians, performers and themed installations.

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