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Longevity Club

A journey to rediscover your physical and mental well-being

The Acaya’s Longevity Club is a place where guests can release all their stress and focus on themselves, in total relaxation. It's a place where, thanks to the scientific approach, guests can embark on personalised wellness programmes under the guidance of a team of doctors specialising in Well Ageing and Longevity Medicine.
Thanks to specific cutting-edge technologies, guests can leave their stress behind, and regain their physical and mental well-being. 

Benefits of our method

Individual screenings and assessments
Individual screenings and assessments
Innovative tests
Innovative tests
Interviews with professionals
Interviews with professionals
Personalised health programmes
Personalised health programmes
The philosophy

LONGEVITY CLUB offers an innovative health programme which, day after day, becomes a true journey into personal wellness. The goal of this dynamic clinical approach is not only to treat the signs of ageing, but even more so to prevent them, while at the same time improving the metabolism, biophysics and biochemistry of the individual, as a basic method for improving their overall health. 

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Our health programmes: the four pillars

Light, sound, oxygen, hydrogen, cold and heat: the Rinnova programmes use a holistic approach in order to treat the entire human body.

Longevity: Give new meaning to your Time

The Longevity goal will enable you to add quality to your life by optimizing health and well-being through experiences aimed at slowing osteo-articular aging and preventing neurodegenerative processes. The Longevity goal is recommended for those seeking support in building a healthy future to add quality to a lengthening life.

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Mind: Relax your Mind, Rebalance your Spirit

The Mind goal improves stress management and aims at deep emotional rebalancing. The body and mind regain their natural balance through balancing the central and autonomic nervous systems. It is ideal for those who want to keep the stress of daily life under control, manage their emotions and recalibrate their focus on their goals.

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Immune/Detox: Reactivate your body’s regenerative capabilities

The Immune & Detox goal detoxifies organic tissues from the accumulation of metabolic waste and external pollutants that prevent cell regeneration and thus the proper functioning of the body. The Immune & Detox goal is ideal for those who need to take a break to restore the body, strengthen their immune system and reduce the chronic inflammatory load.

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Performance: Stimulate Vitality and Energy, enhance your Performance

The Performance goal increases the body´s reactive capacity, accelerate brain´s recovery time and stimulates energy and overall vitality through stimulation of mitochondrial activity and anti-oxidation mechanisms. It is ideal for those who want to maintain maximum action capacity at all times, prevent chronic fatigue states and recover energy from intense sports activity.

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